Stainless with Cut 60

Has anyone tried to cut 1/2" stainless with their Primeweld cut 60?

Don’t even try, its not going to turn out well.


I agree. You will need at least 60 amps and about 10-15 ipm, 75 psi. I would run some test pieces first, and what about the dreaded duty cycle kickout?


The parts will be small and only 4 of them.

Just my two cents. I would make the drawing about .020 bigger so you will be able to metal finish the edges. The cut will have a lot of oxidation and slag to deal with.

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I actually turned down a job to make plastic Shredder knives out of thick stainless steel because of how apprehensive I was of how it would turn out.

Stainless dross/slag absolutely eats abrasives.

If I were to attempt iton my table I likely would try to cut it fully submerged.

It could just be fear stopping me though I should grab a piece of half inch stainless and cut it to see what happens. I think it was either 3/16 or 1/4 is the thickest Ive done with pretty good results. I’ve done a pile of 14 gauge stainless as well and it seems to come out very well.

3/8 or better stainless has some huge pucker factor. Maybe it was some F5 gas would help.


F5 gas works excellently. But the pucker factor still exists.
There is almost no oxidation, and while it still leaves some dross, it is minimal. The H2 atoms must help with the chromium content being cut. It does introduce a lot more heat into the part. The Cut60 needs to be strung out to accomplish this. Four -4" pieces should be no problem.

F5 is 5% Hydrogen/95% Nitrogen. Anything thicker than 1/2 stainless, I would choose F35 gas. 35% Hydrogen, 65% Argon. It is tough to find at the industrial gas suppliers. They will blend it for you without a problem.


dooo itttttt

(I wanna see)

This project is for me. I have some 1/2” stainless that was given to me. I’m building a bow press for my compound bows. I’m using the stainless to cut the fingers for the press. I’ll let you know how it comes out. Worth a shot.