Stainless water tray

What kind of stainless steel is the water tray made of. I’m going to weld up the seam and it would be nice to know the type of stainless 304 etc…

welco e to the forum here…if you do a search for water pan material you might find your answer…

not sure of the type…but all I did was bolt the pan down to the frame and bolt it together…without any sealant…then fused the flange between the bolts…the remove the flange bolts and finished fusing the flange…I also had about 1/4" of water in each side to prevent warps…worked great…


That sounds great!! I plan on doing the same thing. I like the idea of leaving a little water to prevent warpage. Thanks for the reply.

not a problem…a lot of people have done this…I also installed kitchen sink drains…and did not dimple the tray and it drains to less than 1mm of water…

the stainless is 202 2B

You should be able to autogenously weld that together.

If you need filler use 309

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