Stacking bodies over others

if i designed a 2 layer sign, one separate piece stands off of the main piece. how do i stand the second piece off of the first to show someone what the finished sign will look like?

Create an offset plane and move the second body to it


Is this to demonstrate how it’s constructed? Assembly Animation is really handy to do that.

just to show the finished product, not assembly

In the design workspace you could use the align tool to orientate them directly on top of each other.

Once they’re orientated on top of each other you could use the move tool to drag the top body up the amount you want to standoffs.

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thanks, also, can each lead in be adjusted separately. such as to cut a small hole, the lead in may have to be shorter. or you’d just make them all the same based on the smallest lead in?

I’ll definitely run as many operations as I have to to achieve the geometry I want.