SS SETTINGS Razor weld 45

Hey everyone I’m sorry for posting this as I’m sure it’s been asked a bunch already I just can’t find it. I have a boat load of 18ga ss to cut and I’m having a horrible time dialing in my razor weld 45 to cut it cleanly. This is my first time cutting SS on it and I’ve been playing with amps , volts speeds ect . If anyone could just point me in the right direction for a starting point I would greatly appreciate it !! I have not tried fine cut consumables yet either . Thanks for any advice you can give !!

What setting are you using?

Got pictures of cuts?

Ss doesn’t ge the bests cuts on compressed air.

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These are the things I’ve been trying. Also this is 20ga not 18ga. I haven’t recieved the 18ga yet just trying to figure out settings for the best cut. These are just test pieces the pieces I’m actually cutting are much larger .

Picture is hard for me to tell a lot I ran a rw45 for almost a year. It was always about half of a hpertherm. My hypertherm book on 45 amp 22ga. Says 350 Imp try 175ish.

18 ga says the same.

Do you have the rw cut chart. I don’t think it has any SS on it.

Is your issue slag (dross)?