Squaring the Z axis (solved)

I’ve been trying to get the Z axis gantry squared up but don’t seem to have the play needed in the bearings to make it so. My gantry has the opposite slant as the installation video where there is a large gap on the top of the square.

I used a digital level to make sure that the gantry is 90 degrees to the table bed.

table bed:

gantry within .1 degrees to perpendicular:

Carriage is off by 2.5 degrees

The carriage is ‘pinching’ along the top of the gantry

I have adjusted the set screws all the way in as seen below:

Even adjusted all the way in the bearings on the back top side still do not touch the gantry rail.

I’m out of ideas on how to fix this could use some advice.

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Did you square the Z axis and set bearing preloads before you installed the ball nut and screw assembly? If not, you need to go back to step one of squaring Z axis and start over. You will have to loosen all the bearing bolts and back out adjuster screws and then retry …

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Come to think of it, I had only done a ‘close is good enough’ squaring of the assembly prior to continuing. I will go back and follow your suggestion. Thanks for the tip!

Thank you @rat196426

That was the exact problem and after a few hours of adjustments everything is now aligned.

LOVE this community!


Glad you got it straightened out. Don’t skip steps on assembly and software setup, as you found out it will frustrate you.

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