Spring Loaded Expo Holder for Prototyping

Hey everyone,

Selling 3D printed spring loaded expo holders. It’s 1-3/8" in diameter so it mounts directly into the torch holder. It works fairly well for prototyping parts you plan on burning out. The spring has the correct compression force so it doesn’t smash the expo tip as well. Also, it has an anti-rotation feature for regular expo markers or it works even better with the bullet tip expos.

All you need to do is run it like a regular burn program with the plasma cutter OFF and the THC disabled. I use a retract distance of 0.125" to keep it off the dry erase board as well.

Let me know if you’re interested in one.


How much are you charging for these? Also will they fit a sharpie?

Looking at $60 with free shipping. Currently it’s not designed to work with a sharpie. It’s specifically designed for an expo marker as it has the correct spring force so the tip doesn’t deform over repeated use.


It is a great idea. I don’t really have a use with an expo marker currently, But if you do ever make a sharpie version for drawing on steel plate i would buy one. Just out of curiosity what do you generally use the expo setup for? I love toys, I just cant see how i would utilize this feature.

I use it to prototype cutting out new signs to determine where i should add holes for stand off mounts, connecting pieces, and which pieces will drop out. Also, sometimes drawings I’ve received look smooth on my computer screen but then when i go to burn it out the arcs were not as smooth as i saw them to be. It really just helps cleaning up the image and getting a realistic idea of what it’ll look like in real life size. I figured an expo marker is cheaper than steel plus you can sketch your edits on the dry erase board then go back to cad and add them. Only had the pro for 8 months or so I’m still learning.

I used it to draw this attached image my friend sent me. Clearly there’s a lot of modifications that’ll need done to get it burned right so the expo board helps.

I’m planning on making a holder that’ll work with both sharpies and expos so I’ll let you know when i get one created.