Splitletters help

need help how do I put words into split letters like Emily tiyed every thing just cant get it

Are you refering to like a split monogram letter ? Like S with a space in the middle for text?

a good example…

Yes I’m going crazy trying to do this please help

Are you trying to do it in Fusion or something like Inkscape or Corel?

In Fusion. I insert the letter to be used. Clicl add text and click the gap in the middle. make letters big enough they barley over lap the upper and lower lines. Trim out the overlap and the center to make the letters part of the letter its self. If that makes sense.

1 you can see how i put them in place and 2 how i start trimming. After putting your text in how you want it. right click text then explode text to get the text boarders. If your doing it in fusion. Any other program I do not know.

Someone may have a different way but that works for me.

Yours is the good way in Fusion - it leaves the top & bottom letter portions properly proportioned with the insert blanking out the parts of the monogram letter where it overlaps.

The other way is to split the monogram and move the top & bottom parts way from each other. Then drop the new text in between and move the 3 pieces together where you want them and then do your explode, etc. That way gives you a monogram that is complete without the middle part cutout. It’s a different effect that may be what someone wants.

For a program like Inkscape, to do the overlap like you did, you’d create the text and do a text to path. Then with stroke set for black and fill set to white, drop it on the monogram and do a Boolean subtract to get rid of the underlying monogram that is under your new text.

The boolean tools in the drawing programs make a lot of these kind of joins & overlaps easy to do.

Unless I’m doing 3D design I tend to use Corel or Inkscape for all the design work and Fusion (or Sheetcam) for toolpathing. I use Fusion’s design tools for 3D design or trying to do things like folded parts & let it figure out how it needs to unfold and then CAM it.

James i use inckscape and when i do these types of monograms all i do is import it then select my text and place it slightly overlapping the lines then use the union tool…this combines everything and removes overlapping lines…ready to save as a dxf.You dont have to use the object to path this way and it still turns the text into a path.

Good point about the boolean union. I usually want more control over which parts of each piece are kept vs erased. Sometimes I’ll keep the vines in a monogram like this running through my text and other time I’ll delete them for a cleaner more distinct look.

Although honestly I’ll often putz around trying multiple options just to see what I like better :slightly_smiling_face: This is actually a fairly common design for laser engraved coasters.

I’m confused with how to do this. I have a split monogram dfx file that I downloaded. I tried adding the name in Fusion 360 but I can’t figure out how to merge the name in. Also, when I enlarge the name to fit between the split monogram the name becomes blurred. Why does this happen? The monogram is only 25". The text is also blue and not an outline.

With the font selected right click and select explode text.You will then be able to click on the lines and trim.This kind of thing is done easier in inkscape and imported.


And they’ll be vectors so they won’t be fuzzy when enlarged… :slight_smile:

Thanks! I just figured that out but I also had to do fix/unfix to change the text from green to blue so I can trim it off.

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How do I get the text centered with the split letter?

After typing your text, sizing it , then ok. Just left click and drag to where you want it. I go by the grid squares to get it real close. Thats in Fusion.

So u r saying just eyeball center? There’s no way to actually center the piece to where it is perfectly centered?

There may be a way but im old fasion. More old than the fasion part. It gets close enough that no one will know unless you tell them. An expert will jump in if there is a way to make it perfect .

Here’s a very handy video… Makes it pretty easy…
See what you think…

I think this needs to be done before you explode the text…

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