Splines change when scaling drawing

Alright Ladies and Gents,

I am currently drawing a dog cut out for a customer in 360, and have added several spline lines within the dogs body outline. When I imported the dogs outline from an SVG it measured about two inches or 50 mm. I added my spline lines at this point to give the dogs body definition and when the customer gave me the actual needed size I attempted to scale the drawing up to 18 inches / 457 mm. Once the drawing was scaled up, fusion 360 went nuts moving my spline lines all over hells acres…am I missing a step somewhere in the process or should I have scaled first and then added additional lines to the dogs outline?

Did you save it after the adding ,then reopen and scale it up ?

I don’t believe I did, does it make a difference when doing task like this?

I do not know. Its just a thought that popped into my brain when i read your issue.

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I always create actual size so there’s no surprises.

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Yes, I have played around with the splines and scaling some more and that seems to be the easiest remedie! Thank you for confirming this!