Speed bumps - Setup issues found (and fixed)

I hope this topic will provide support for those setting up a new Crossfire Pro or similar setup who might have similar issues as I’m facing. I’m posting this here because none of these issues were user error but rather manufacturing/instructional issues that maybe someone else will face.

The first issue I faced with the initial run after assembly was the gantry kept binding. I adjusted pillow blocks and check square and alignment. Nothing helped. I noticed one of the screws getting a little warm. I double checked the build instructions and saw nothing about greasing the screws. Maybe some think this is standard or already know to do this but I did not. I thought they would need grease but the instruction manual didn’t say to and I thought maybe these were made to run greaseless. Wrong. I used a lithium grease and lubed up the screw rods. Problem solved. No heating or binding.

The second issue I faced was the Torch wouldn’t fire. I ordered the “plug-n-play” Razorweld/RazorCUT 45 so as to eliminate startup issues figuring I could upgrade to a Hypertherm down the road after some production. I’m happy so far with the machine as far as cutting goes. I’m cutting through 1/2 inch just fine (40A@10ipm,3sec pierce delay). The problem was… the manual shows the Firing port and the DIV Output are one way and they were actually installed backwards. I lost a few hours trying to figure out why it wouldn’t fire. Thought it was a number of things before I broke open the Razorweld machine and traced wires. Found them installed backwards. Major failure on Razorweld’s part. Bad QC.

Here’s what the manual says:

Here’s how it was wired: (You can see the red wire from the RIGHT plug is going to the red wire of the clamp.)

The third issue I faced was the THC (Torch Height Control) was not working. I followed the troubleshooting page (LS-THC User Guide | Langmuir Systems) and the troubleshooting flow-chart (http://assets.langmuirsystems.com/file/THC+TROUBLESHOOTING+FLOW+CHART.pdf) but neither really helped. I ended up going off-script and just began tracing circuits (I’m a EE and very familiar with circuits). I found the plug going from the port on the Control Box to the main board was plugged into the wrong port. From the FACTORY! When I was testing, I noticed a lack of continuity between the grey/white wires and A1/Gnd on the THC module. Upon further inspection and unplugging, I saw the labels on the pins (not easily visible when all plugged in. I moved the plug over to the correct port and Viola, everything worked just fine.

Here’s the way I found it as set up from the factory:

Here’s the labels:

Here’s how it should be plugged in:

My frustration is that none of these issues were due to my installation or operation or even environmental. They were all due to poor instructions or QC. I expected better. I’m assuming they’re not even bench testing these units. Just assembling and shipping. I think the steppers and boards and assembled units should be at least bench checked for QC. :frowning_face:

Hey @DG00,

We do not recommend using grease to lubricate the lead screws, we’ve found that it can clog the lead nut. Prolonged use of grease on the lead screws can wear away at the threading on the inside of the lead nut due to very small particles of metal embedding into the grease during the plasma cutting process. We only recommend lubricating the lead screws with machine oil or 3-in-1 oil. We sent this to you via email yesterday, did you receive that email?

Regarding the THC harness being connected to the Motion Control Board incorrectly - all of our Electronics Enclosures have to run a test program to pass QC before being packaged. I had always assumed that if the THC harness was incorrectly connected to the Motion Control Board, FireControl would throw an IHS error, but I just ran a QC test using your photos to simulate how your Enclosure was shipped and the program ran normally. This is definitely an issue. Luckily, you are the first person to report this problem.

I’ll make sure to bring this up with our Electronics team, thanks for bringing this to our attention!


Thank you for your reply and looking into this!

Thank you for the info on grease vs oil. I understand and agree to your comments and concerns. I’ll be getting some 3-in-1 today. I do think it would be wise to add to the build manual to oil the lead screws.

I’m delighted to hear you were able to improve your QC of the MCB and the THC harness so another poor soul doesn’t run into that issue. It says a lot that you would go and test it and improve your processes. I think that’s what I love most about LS is that they are just a “set it and forget it” company. I see you always growing and improving. I see an XR in my future. :wink: Been running the machine non-stop since I built it on Monday (minus troubleshooting interruptions as noted above).

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