Something different about Fusion 360. Need help (Solved)

So, I just got done creating a design in Fusion 360. I created the sketch just like I’ve been doing for the past year. Prior to this, I create the sketch design, go to “manufacture,” select the geometry and entry positions to create the toolpath, and then click on Post-process. Before, I would see the little window pop-up that would allow me to make mods to the g-code like pierce delay and several other factors that I never messed with.
Now, after following the same exact process, I am told that the .tap file failed. Here are some screenshots of what I’m working with and the errors I’m seeing. What has changed and what do I need to do to get this rolling again. I’m about to miss my deadline for project completion.

Looks like you are using the Mach3 Milling Post Processor. You need to use the Plasma post if you are using a legacy CrossFire that runs on Mach3.

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That worked perfectly! Thank you for the help!!!