Some sketches run slow

Hello first off i couldnt be happier with the crossfire. not crazy about fusion 360 but i am slowly learning. I am very new to all this, i have figured out some already but having trouble with certain sketches.
I have had no issues making changes to one of my logos in fusion 360 but when i bring in my other logo and try to do anything at all fusion lags to the point that i cant do anything at all. took almost 5 min to make four .5 circles and and move them to .5 of each corner. Ive checked all graphic settings i should be ok ive tried on my imac as well and same lag. can i upload or send the file to anyone and see what mistakes i probably made. Thanks in advance

I am new here too but I think your logo has too many “nodes”, or data points. You or someone can bring it into a program like Coral or Inkscape and trace it out
reducing the data points. That will allow your computer to generate it faster and better. Most likely that file was converted from another type of file.

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Yes I did convert it from a pdf. I’ll try and trace it in another program. Thanks for the help.

I flattened out the logo took the layers out and still the same. I’ve tried other dxf files from the web and some from fire share. And they aren’t as slow but still lag. I tried to work on the sketch on my buddies brand new MacBook Pro. It’s faster but still slow. I have to be doin something wrong some where. I’m also noticing more sketches r running slow.

My PC I design on has a dedicated graphics card and 8 gigs of ram…I figure that would be good and it was to a extent but it still lagged at times,I installed a solid state drive and that really seems to help.I used to lag when trimming but not now at all.I have sketch checker installed and it used to freeze up fusion and close it out but with the new drive it hasnt happened anymore.

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I don’t think it’s in the computer. The MacBook Pro should be more than enough to run it. I have to be inserting wrong and setting up the file wrong befor I insert it as a dxf. I have designed a few simple things from scratch and had zero issue.