Some fixes on my Razor 45

Since I’ve first assembled my Crossfire XR, my results have been hit and miss. Typically I could cut for about 5-10 minutes before it would stop functioning. Shutting it down and waiting overnight always seemed to resolve the problem (temporarily).
I hadn’t turned it on in months and when I recently tried to use it, the Razorcut 45 wouldn’t fire; in fact the initial airflow wouldn’t even trigger. After a few curse words and exploring the price of a Hypertherm I eventually opened the case and figured out that the solenoid that controls the airflow had failed. I figured out that I could get a replacement from Amazon: 2 for $10. 2 days later I reassembled it and was cutting steel once again. But then the old gremlin of what I always thought was overheating reappeared. The recent software upgrade provides a THC test; my result failed when my laptop was plugged into the wall and succeeded when running off battery power. Apparently some type of ground loop.
After immediately cutting more steel for awhile, it halted once again. 3 immediate retries all failed after just a few seconds. I removed the carbon deposits from the tip and made sure all the holes were clear also. I subsequently cut 3/16 HR steel for the next 30 minutes without interruption (I did clean the tip once as a precautionary measure).

It appears at the moment that my system is more functional today than it’s ever been.

Just thought I’d provide some of my experiences in case others have similar challenges.


@gregoryjwells glad to hear you’re having a little more success.

Let’s see some pictures of what you’re building!

That is a dangerous game you are playing there! :rofl:

I am impressed that you were calm enough to problem solve. Each time you do that, you get less angst when a problem arises.

Two days ago I had a problem crop up: my cut height was off. Not that you want to hear about this but it has been perfect for about a year, then it recently started to act up. The only thing I can point to is the new computer I bought. Re-adjusted my post-processing values and everything is superb again.

I do have Hypertherm and love it!


Just updating my prior experience of my RazorCut 45 being undependable…
I have found that keeping the tip clean has resolved (all?) my problems. After cutting for 10-20 minutes, at the next break in the action so to speak, I briefly take a couple passes of a coarse sandpaper over the tip to remove any accumulated debris. Occasionally I take the tip off and clean it thoroughly and make sure the holes are clear. I’ve had zero problems after incorporating these changes.
I’ll post some pictures of my current project soon.

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Are you talking about the CNC shield? The cutting tip only has 1 hole in it and sanding it most times does not help.