[SOLVED] X Axis binding on crossfire pro

I just finished assembling my crossfire pro last night. When ever the X-axis lead nut mount is tight the X-axis binds. It only does it for the most part when jogging at 300 IPM. Does it a small amount at 200 IPM. If I loosen the mount it works flawlessly other than jiggling all around. I inspected the lead nut and it appears to be fine unless I am missing something. Thanks in advance

Hi Chad…
First thing that comes to mind is that sometimes during assembly, the lead screw bearing mounts (opposite end from stepper motors) get swapped… Of the three mounts supplied, two are the same length and one is shorter than the other two. The Y-axis mounts are the longer set and the X-axis is the shortest of the three… There is a chance you may have swapped one into the wrong location causing your binding issues… Take a second and compare the three bearing mounts…

Again, this is just the first thing that comes to mind…

We’ll get you going!! Keep us posted…!!!

The X-axis lead nut bracket needs to be properly aligned with the lead screw. Use a square and make sure the bracket is square to the X-axis rail before tightening the two bolts that mount the bracket to the carriage. It could also be that the bracket was not bent at exactly 90 degrees, but that is more rare.

The bearing mounts are in the right spot! Also the bracket is square to the rail. I cannot tell if the bracket is not bent to 90 degrees…

Ok. Try oiling the lead screw. That fixed my binding problems after 3 hours of adjusting everything I could think of.

Ok ill give it a shot tomorrow

I lubed the X axis lead screw with Ingersoll Rand All Season Select air compressor oil, tightened the bracket and it appears to be running without a hitch for the first time!!!


@chadj96 - Thanks for posting that. I was having a similar issue and that did the trick.

i did a serch for this issue and found my mounts out of place. fixed my issue. Thanks!