SOLVED: FireControl does nothing

Hi, I’ve been running my 2x2 for a year now with Sheetcam and Mach3 . . . Love the machine. I want to shift over to Fire Control, so I read the documents, downloaded and installed. FC open on the laptop, but is completely dead. No buttons work, it does not recognize the Plasma table, the only things I can do are click Help, view, minimize and close. I uninstalled, reinstalled, and ran the “fix” routine. this is a windows 10 machine. Any advice?


If your machine runs on Mach 3, you can’t run it on Firecontrol. You would need to change out the control box for the Firecontrol version.


Hey Doug… Welcome to the forum!!

So, with an older 2x2 table and no Z, the electronics inside the control box will not work with Fire Control… If you’re happy with the size of the table, best option is to purchase and install the THC upgrade(Totally worth it IMO)… This would gain you THC, new electronics, and the ability to run FireControl. Check out the LS store for pricing and description. Its listed with the 2x2 Crossfire table…

EDIT: Yeah, what David said… LOL


Thanks so much guys for the response. I was not aware of this . . . At least I know it’s not something I was doing! I have been toying with upgrading and using a THC . . . but Mach does work ok for now. . . .
THanks again !