[solved] FireControl Crashing when pierce initiates

FireControl keeps crashing as soon as the cutter pierces the material. Are there any reports of EMF causing loss of data connection with the CNC controller? Is there a way to shield the connection to prevent EMF from severing the connection? We have had some successful cuts but if we do more than 4 or so pierces it will cut the connection and crash FireControl.

We have tried shielding the computer with a sheet of aluminum, shielding the data cable with some metal tape, changing to a different computer, not having the computer charging cable connected, getting the plasma cutter as far as possible from the computer.

We are using a cheaper Amazon 110v plasma cutter cutting some 20-22ga mild carbon steel at about 12A and running 20-50ipm. It usually gets the first pierce and cut done but usually crashes on the second pierce, it has crashed a few times on the first pierce. The affect it has on FireControl varies, it sometimes entirely crashes, sometimes just removes the gcode loaded but doesnt stop machine control, and sometimes it completely loses machine control but does not crash the program. Once the crash happens you cant terminate the cut from FireControl you need to hit the switch on the plasma cutter and the CNC controller.

Is that cheap amazon plasma machine high frequency?? You canā€™t use a high frequency start plasma machine ā€¦


Most of those cheap plasma cutters are high frequency start. They will fry the main board in the electronics control box.

This is probably the cheapest blow back start plasma cutter that will work. hynade CNC Blow Back Digital Air Plasma Cutter, Non-HF Pilot Arc Non-Touch Plasma Cutting Machine, THC Torch Height Control Enabled (CUT60DN) Amazon.com

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Ah High Frequency is my issue. New to all of this so still learning. Thank you for the information!

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we were all new to plasma cutting at one timeā€¦but reading the full website really help limit the problems when startingā€¦
for instance under the support tag there is a section called compatible plasma cutters
Plasma Cutter | Langmuir Systems

this is great help in sorting out what plasma cutters work best.

the first paragraph has this to warn peopleā€¦

that being said putting a cheap knock off brand of plasma cutter is like putting a lawnmower motor in your carā€¦sure it will get you thereā€¦but not very fastā€¦not very funā€¦
same goes for a CNC tableā€¦putting cheap plasma might get you cuttingā€¦but you will most likely have a hard time doing consistentā€¦having decent cutsā€¦doing long cutsā€¦

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Well two things then. One that warning should probably be in a more prominent place than just in the support section. And two we all donā€™t have unlimited money so trying to get a budget cutter is sometimes the best way we can even start. Surprisingly the cuts we were able to make turned out looking really good. We just used the cutter we had already to test the machine. Now with this knowledge we should be able to make better progress with the correct machine, and hopefully we donā€™t have any lasting damage to the controller.

Itā€™s never worth chastising internet people on forums for mistakes made. This is what the forums are for, we wouldnā€™t be here if it wasnā€™t for mistakes. It comes off as pompous, best to be respectful and informational instead, we arenā€™t all professionals, thatā€™s why this is a ā€˜hobbyā€™ cutter.

I do not mean to chastiseā€¦please accept my apologies if I came across to strong.

I was completely green when buying a tableā€¦but I read a lot through the websiteā€¦and researched plasma machinesā€¦

I am glad you got some decent cutsā€¦

some more advice for you

  • do not coil up wires as that can create magnetic fields and cause issues
  • do not run the table with the laptop plugged into power unless you have a ground isolator plug
  • get a few Ferrite chokes for the use cable

@RadBison Welcome to the forum.

When I think of some of the most important lessons Iā€™ve learned,(with CNC and more so with life in general)most are from mistakes Iā€™ve made.

If you browse the forum you will find you arenā€™t the first person to make this mistake and Iā€™m sure you wonā€™t be the last. That being the case, you probably make a good point that, due to the importance of the information perhaps it could be in a more prominent location.

But in defense of Langmuir that information is in multiple locations on their website. It is under the main description of the Crossfire, Crossfire Pro and the Crossfire XR in the FAQ section at the bottom. Perhaps it could be moved further up in the description.

Congrats on your purchase. I have had my table about a year and I have really enjoyed my experience.

The whole thing is a big learning curve. The people on this forum are top notch and if you look through the forum you will see that the regulars here like @toolboy and @ds690 go above and beyond helping people work through their issues.

I learn something new from the guys on here every day. There are to many of them to list but if you browse the forum you will see what I mean.

Again welcome to the forum and come back often! Excited to see what you create with your new machine!