SOLVED: Can't Operate the Table

Just updated Firecontrol to the latest Version. THS firmware is updated - v1.10. Machine firmware is updated v1.2ls. Firecontrol is working properly on the software side but I can’t operate my table. No X, Y, Z or torch on/off. The green light is on the control box indicating that communication with my computer is good but no control of the table. Has anyone else had this happen? If so, what was your solution?

Do your stepper motors have holding torque when you power the box on?

Just checked. No they do not.

That indicates either a loose wire to the power supply, a bad power switch fuse, or a loose wire to the power supply or power rocker swtich.

If the fuse is bad the switch won’t illuminate when you turn it on.

Okay, the switch is not illuminated. I opened up the control box and checking the wires. Everything is secure. Where is the fuse located?

Must have been a loose connection that I didn’t see. Poking around looking for the fuse and couldn’t find it. Put everything back together and now I have control. Well mostly, Z axis isn’t responding but everything else is working.

the fuse is right above the power switch on the outside. if that was blown then you wouldn’t any power at all. sounds like a loose wire. do all the drivers inside show a green or blue led?

I’ll open it back up in the morning and check the leds. Interesting that everything was working fine unitl the update but that would explain the power issue. idk at this point.

All 3 drivers are showing a green led. I can move X and Y axis. No movement on Z axis. I don’t hear anything when trying to move the Z axis. Firecontrol shows it moving. I can manually fire the torch. I unplugged and plugged everything back in.

Just some back ground, I have had this machine for a while. No issues. I haven’t cut anything for about 2 weeks. Updated my software and these issues popped up. Might be totally unrelated. Idk.

I feel like I’m missing a step with the THC but I don’t know what it is (obviously).

Loose connection on the stepper driver probably. Check all connections, that’s the hardware side. If it’s a software issue, I know precious nothing about Firecontrol, sorry! :grimacing:

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Unplugged and plugged everything back in. Must have been a loose connection somewhere. Table is up and running again. Thank you all for your help!