SOLVED- Cannot get XR pans to stop leaking

I recently finished setting up my XR and I cannot get it to stop leaking. It’s leaking somewhere between the 2nd and 3rd joint on the left side. It’s leaking somewhere between the pan and the frame rail so I cannot pin point the source of the leak. Initially I thought it was leaking between the 3rd left pan seam but it appears the water is traveling from a different source. The leak starts with about 5-10 gallons of water in the table. It stops when there’s just a few MM left in the table. It also stops when I have the middle and back pans drained and the first pan as full as it can be with out spilling into the middle pan. I’ve already drained this table 4 times and added various levels of Loctite marine sealant to the point now where I’ve used 1.5 tubes of it and it has had ZERO effect on slowing down the leak. This is not a slow leak either. In gets between the pans and the frame and leaks in about 4 different spots at a rate of 1 drip per second per spot or about 10 gallons per day. The fact that my repeated adding of silicon has had zero effect on slowing the leak has me at a complete loss. At this point, I’ve siliconed every seam, every sheet metal screw, everything. I’ve even kneaded the silicon around the joints and screws to ensure full coverage and no air pockets. Again, no effect. I have a Crossfire Pro and had no leaking issues. At this point, I don’t know what to do as every seam is fully sealed. Could it be a weld on the pans was burned through? I’ve closely looked at every weld and don’t see anything obvious. I’ve contacted Langmuir as well, but value the community opinion also.

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this was one of the main reasons i welded all of my seams instead of bolting. you can mix up some soapy water and spray in suspect areas and take shop air on the opposite side and blow and possibly get some bubbles to point you in the right direction.

fill the table with water…take an air gun and with the pressure reduced travel under the seams…the bubbles will appear where the problem is
silicone will not stick to an area that has ANY moisture…so it may be an effort wasted trying to silicone all the time


Thanks for the great ideas. I’ll try both air and light today. The challenging part is that the water is leaking from between the edge of the pan and the frame, which are sandwiched tied together, so I’m not sure how effective I’ll be if the source of the leak is actually covered by the frame. But I’ll give it a shot today.

You may have to unbolt the pan from the frame which will be a pain but may be the only way to get to the leak. I’ve put two tables together now(mine and a friends) and the second one had a small leak at one of the seams. I fixed it by applying sealant to the underside of the joints. I did that to my table when I put it together and failed to do it to my friends during assembly. Fortunately I was able to coat the bottom of the seam(s) and stop the leak on his table.

Another note, If you have to unbolt yours…be sure to apply sealant across the base where the pan crosses it. Basically coating both sides of the seams all the way around(sides too).

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Try this - near one of the leaks put a drop of dark blue food coloring. You may see tendrils of color streaming toward a hole in the pan. And if you have multiple drips, you can watch for the color to start showing. Makes it easier to isolate where the leaks are or at least on what side of seams the leaks are coming from. We had some pinholes from blown out welds in the pan. Once we saw where they were it was really easy to fix them with the marine sealant. Stuff works great…just need to put it in the right place.


Air gun worked great. I found TWO pin holes on the factory welds were they blew through the pan. Damn that’s frustrating, while I’ve been chasing my tail on this all week. That and the fact the frame arrived all beat up has me less than stoked on this table.


did you report the damaged frame to Langmuir when you got them?
it is not always the fault of Langmuir…but the shipper…but Langmuir is known for stepping up and sorting things out with customers…
I had damaged parts for my Pro when it arrived…they corrected the issue.

I was going to say check those welds. I had one that was leaking also. It seems like the welder had left pinholes in the weld and then ground off the bottom allowing a small leak. Easy fix though.

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make a gasket out of 1/8in rubber McMaster-Carr