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I am new to plassma cutting and I have solidworks cam for mycam system already instead of using Autodesk. What is the post processor that I have to use wheen posting the gcode. If anyone has experience with using the cam softwree that woulld also help. I can use solidworks well but have never used a cam software. TIA

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I’m not sure there is much Solidworks experience around here, however, if you haven’t learned Solidworks CAM, then you might try SheetCam which is easy to use and has a lot of support in this forum.

You can download a trial version which will allow you to play with it and learn it, but you won’t be able to save a very large project with the trial version. Still, it should give you a good sense of its ease of use and there is a CrossFire plugin for it.


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There are a few who have asked about this in the past. Langmuir doesn’t have a post processor developed for Camworks for use with fire control. They do have a post processor for Camworks for cut control. They have a help sheet for writing your own post processor. I believe most Solidworks users have opted to use sheetcam.

You can search Solidworks cam to see past discussions related this.

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Solidworks user here. Need to learn the CAM package for my CNC mill so I can integrate that into my Solidworks workflow.

Sheetcam is pretty solid. I use it for my table and have been impressed that it’s pretty easy to use if you want easy, and can grow with you as you want to complicate things with more cutting rules and tool tables and whatnot. Hard to beat for the price of entry.


Which sheetcam do I buy. Can I just buy the SheetCam TNG

SheetCAM – Langmuir Systems

Why buy that one it’s $140 on sheet cams website the cam software is $110

They must have changed their prices. SheetCam used to be $150, buying from Langmuir was $10 cheaper. I know that there were some issues with pirated copies being sold a while back. I guess just make sure you are buying from sheetCam and not a pirated copy. Maybe @LesNewell the developer of sheetCam can chime in.

Edit: As David points out the 110 price is pounds. The converter on the sheetcam website says $143.84… so buying through Langmuir saves you $3.84 :wink:

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The price on the Sheetcam site is in British pounds. It is a UK based company.