(Sold) For sale: Hypertherm Powermax 45 w/ Machine and hand torch


Just moved on to a larger table and larger torch to cut 1" parts so I’m selling my Powermax 45.

Whats included:
-Powermax 45 with CPC port (the CPC port means no cutting or re-wiring required to fire the torch with a Crossfire and if you ever move on to a table with torch height control it’s ready to go)
-T45 Machine torch with ohmic and normal retaining caps and shielded consumables (Ohmic needed for machines with Torch hight control)
-Powermax 45 Hand torch with drag cut consumables (the quick disconnect makes it easy to use the torch in the handheld configuration without disturbing the machines alignment)
-5 complete sets of new 45amp consumables
-Original Hypertherm parts kit with consumables for gouging

  • Complete set of 30amp consumables (nozzle, electrode, swirl ring, retaining cap, shield). The 30amp setup is the predecessor to the current “fine cut” consumables and improves the quality of cuts on very thin steel when the machine is set to 30amps.

The machine torch makes a huge difference when using a CNC machine of any kind. It stays out of the way, improves cut quality and is easier to clamp into the crossfires gantry so you can swap consumables without having to dismount anything.

If you’re here, then you’ve probably already researched the value of a good plasma cutter (~$2k) and the cost of a machine torch (~$500), consumables(~$10per set x5 included), etc. so you’ll know what I am asking for is extremely reasonable. I’ll ship everything above to anywhere in the US via insured UPS for $1500.

Feel free to contact me via PM with any questions.






ah that was a good deal. wish I woulda seen that. I’m debating on that same exact setup or 60 amp. I have the 30 and desp need to upgrade. was also looking into everlast, but I’m sure the hyp would be better.