SOLD! FOR SALE - CrossFire Pro - Fully Custom!

My fully custom Langmuir Systems Pro table is FOR SALE!

Its currently operational and available for demonstration prior to purchase, located in Northern Virginia area.

Take a look at the pictures and contact me if you are interested in more info.

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Why did you post this again? Comment on your original post instead of making a new one. Bad forum manners.

Would behoove you to list a price as well.

Each time an edit is made it repost the thread. Also, there are multiple categories for different table owners. Therefore, to maximize exposure it makes sense to post in both sections for all to see. Before making a comment understand the forum’s direct inter-workings! Regarding a price, if someone’s interested a DM or continuation of a conversation can happen so that all questions could be properly answered. Thank for your thoughts though!

Let’s just have the conversation here, what do you want for it?

well from what I see…look at the mods on it…

  • large and highly visible and well positioned E-Stop
  • specialized water drainage system with dedicated floor outlet drainage
  • water or air spray nozzles at torch head with multi-position adjustable capability
  • touch screen system on articulated arm
  • multiple component air filtration and drying system
  • customized switch control system for electronic pump system
  • bluetooth high quality remote keypad for jogging torch head
  • quality wheel system for leveling and ease of repositioning of table as required

did I miss anything?

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It’s an amazing, clean setup for sure. Blows mine away. The planning that went into that setup…wow.

I’d say with the condition it’s in and what’s included, it’s easily worth the retail price of everything.

I’ve got it listed at $7,200 OBO complete package (no shipping).

I wish you luck on the sale.
it is a nice machine with all the mods…but you are $45 less that the loaded XR…


I appreciated it :slight_smile:
Your input is true somewhat, as I have put my deposit down on the XR. However the difference is all the add-ons and custom modifications made. Once you take into consideration all that’s included with the XR add another $2K+ to the XR price at least for what I’ve done to this setup! Custom work isn’t cheap, cheap work is lol!

I look forward in seeing what type of water system you come up with for the XR. I had purchased the Pro and I was lucky enough to cancel and put my deposit on the XR batch 1.

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LoL! I already have modifications in mind, from changing the limit switches to a water circulation system. Probably a lot more too! Who knows with me.

ant eh monster is reborn again!!!

have fun.

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wow…nice…but the price… the XR price??? dunno dude…size matters

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Why are you selling this look like a pretty nice setup

How much you trying to get out of the setup

read the thread…the amount he is looking for is posted in the thread…

Thanks for the inquiry/questions. I’m selling my
pro due to it being time to upgrade to the next size. I’ve had this table for a year (batch 1) and have done extremely well with it. It’s just now time to upgrade as my business continues to grow! I currently have the entire system listed for $7,200 and it’s still fully set-up/operation in the Northern Virginia area. Let me know if anyone has any questions about it!

can it be shipped to
zip 80890i and what do you think it would cost

sorry zip 89801

I honestly don’t know what the shipping cost would be. It’s located at 22601.