Software Requirements

Can you run the CrossFire Pro with just FireControl, SheetCAM, and CorelDRAW. I’ve seen the download page that says what to download but I don’t know if we have to download ALL the stuff on that page please help.

Yes you can.

Hi Christian! You basically have to pick a CAD program, a CAM program and then you must use FireControl to run the plasma cutting the steel…now Langmuir has offered Fusion 360 that does both CAD and CAM. Looks like you like Corel for CAD. I chose Inkscape because it’s easy(lol I am new to all of this), so for me only cutting out flat signs or decorations that’s good for me to learn on.

For signs & other 2D work, I use Corel or Inkscape (Corel if it’s just me, Inkscape if I’m teaching someone), save it as SVG and then Sheetcam to do the toolpathing.

For 3D work I still use Fusion although there are a couple of other interesting options out there that are also good. Just that I use the sheet metal functionality in Fusion for calculating bend allowances, etc for tanks and things.

Mostly I avoid DXF as a file format though - it’s sketchy with its lowest-common-denominator approach to the actual representation of vectors in the file. It’s easy to get tons of little segments, lots of nodes and often open paths. SVG is a modern equivalent in terms of ubiquitous use.

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