Software needed?

Ok here goes, I have an first gen crossfire. Started out with inkscape, sheetcam . Used the crossfire and have been unable to use the crossfire for various reasons. Now I am back and I update my inkscape but did nothing with the sheetcam and left it as it is. I am having a very hard time with these two. I am guessing one software is outdated and is not compatible with the other. I dont want to get fusion 360 and pay all that money for a year. I do not generate enough business to pay for it. I also cannot save a plasma dxf file when finiising up with the inkscape. I just dont have that option anymore for some reason. Please advise on where I should head next. I also would like a much easier software to use that is more user friendly. Please help I would like to get back to cutting again.

Sheetcam requires some tutorials, Youtube channel Arclight Dynamics is one of the better choices for that. Software is too complex to give lengthy how-tos on forums, but simple questions can be answered.

ViaCad 2D by PunchCad is a very simple layout program for almost anything you would make on your plasma table. They still have a deal through Dec 4 for 30% so the 2D version is under $50. I can PM the email sale code they sent recently. I’ve used ViaCad for several years and it works fine. Again good tutorials on Youtube to get you started.

Everyone will chime in with different programs for CAD, some free some paid. I have tried FreeCAD and for whatever reason it does not click with me which may be common since they announced a huge overhaul coming to make it more intuitive and user friendly. Inkscape is fine but the interface is not intuitive to me and requires tutorials to understand workflow. I’ve used Adobe products for 25 plus years and while I don’t love Adobe, I am familiar with their workflow.

Thank you my friend. Please send email code so I can purchase.

SheetCAM will do exceptional work with an SVG file. You don’t need to generate a DXF file.

I’ll second the suggestion to use SVG files versus DXF from Inkscape. Sheetcam accepts both file types and DXF is just awful, because there are so many versions of it and not all programs correctly interpret all versions.

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Fusion has a non-commercial version that is free. It’s actually quick capable for most of us that just hobby/light commercial.

I think <$1000 of commercial business is what they ask you limit the free version usage to.


Are you trying Save As or Export?

Personally though, I’d not go the DXF route but use SVG instead. Sheetcam is happy using SVG and you’ll not get bitten by some of the DXF issues that are just part of the file format definition.