Software downloading on new crossfire pro

been trying for hours, cant figure out how to download software to my new acer chromebook. any help would be greatly appreciated.

Are you trying to download fire control?

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You’ve been to the software page?

Windows is not allowing you to download anything?

Trying to download fusion 360 and fire control on my new acer chromebook and thank you for the quick response

No windows on chromebook

It looks like they have a version of fusion 360 that runs on Chromebook but only for educators and students.

CAD for Chromebooks | Browser CAD For Students | Fusion 360.

As far as fire control I don’t know if that even runs on a Chromebook or not?

Looks like i bought the wrong laptop, cant thank you enough for your quick response, i truly appreciate it

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With fire control if you’re just using it to run the table you could literally use any laptop that runs Windows 10 or 11 .

When you’re running Fusion 360 you’re going to want some horsepower. Mid-range gaming laptop or desktop.

thanks again, any suggestions on a cheap touchscreen laptop?