So who recycles cut offs into art?

I save 75% of scraps if they catch my eye as…?..something.

So I made this for friends wedding

Notice both heads, arms, ape hangers ets?

The details on the crescent moon look "familiar "

All these pcs were from a grill i did, the flats and the other 2 pcs were just scrap, i said damn this looks like a Chinese dragon…fly, so I put them together yesterday,

…before the impromptu family gathering/ reunion…i have tried so hard to be retired the last 4 days :rofl: a couple friends say thats normal, you just get to choose…when to do it :crazy_face:


Very interesting indeed :nerd_face: :beers:

Yep @GunTruck1776 I’m a recycler too :smiley:

Sometimes when I just want to be in the shop but don’t have anything planned I grab my scrap bucket and start making scrap metal hanging hearts. Good time waster :grin:


Bob, THese are so cool!!! great Christmas presents!!! thanks,Becky

these are cool, great idea!

Thanks Becky! Fun little time wasters! :smiley:

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Sold 1st day…wifes like you need to make another :thinking: that’s not how art works, the other stuff sure…