Smaller Nozzle For Razorweld X45 Machine Torch?

I want to start cutting signs/artwork on 14ga and 16ga steel sheet.
Would like to use a smaller nozzle to get finer and more detailed cuts.

I did some searching around this forum,
and couldn’t find a direct link to buy them.

This is what the torch comes with:

I would like something smaller.
Anyone have a product link for me?

Thank You!!!

There is nothing smaller. Its one size fits all with that torch.

So, you’re saying i threw $300 in the trash by buying that machine torch… :thinking::thinking::thinking: I’ve seen several people on here using smaller nozzles… How are they doing it?

They use the PTM 60 torch on the Razorweld 45. That way you get 20,30,40 and 50 amp tips

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do you happen to have a link to that torch? is it directly compatible, or do I need to make modifications?

this thing?

$500 … ouch

especially after i wasted $300 :sob::sob::sob:

That’s $489.95 ebay price. Langmuir users get it for $395 + shipping.

There are some Chinese sellers selling the Chinese 20’ copy cheaper.


know anybody who would want to buy an X45 machine torch with only ~15min cutting time on it? hahahahha. :sob: