Small personal one

My table is a tool; I use it to efficiently and effectively make parts whether they’re one-off or in multiple batches.

Made something for myself for once.

I want to preface by saying, it’ll be another year or so until I build my own simulator cockpit in our guest bedroom so I needed something to place my new flight stick and throttle on.

Had just ordered these -

Since my gaming PC is in our master bedroom on a rather small desk, it’s difficult being able to utilize my stick and throttle and be comfortable at the same time so I started drawing something up -

The idea was just to cut legs out, bolt them together with hardware that contrasts with the legs, and add a ‘classic’ look to it with some wood on top.

Getting to work on those legs, best part is I got these three 4’ x 1.5’ sheets of steel for free -

Used the second one as part of a side job, not to mention cutting the feet out with as well.

I don’t like doing signs so you’ll rarely see my scrap with sign cut outs -

Mocking things up, and just confirming the inside width matches with CAD.

Here you’ll see the initial rear foot I was going to use, as well as aluminum rod I ordered on Amazon -

With the new wider rear foot cut as well as the aluminum rod, I bolted it up and got ready for welding -

Let it sit for awhile to cool, then took it outside for some pics -

Being a personal project, it was all about keeping this as cheap and effortless as possible so I just put a coat of some rustoleum rust inhibitor -

Forum member hooked me up with some nice walnut -

Just mocking up for size -

Chopped off a nice chunk, this is some nice wood -

Put a radius on each corner -

And picked this up at Home Depot, really love the way it came out -

After she sat for a good 24 hours, I was happy with the end result so I through it all together -

I would post a picture with the flight stick on top however the forum does not let me upload it even though it is the same resolution as the pictures above :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Would’ve been cutting out the legs for my throttle but since my setup has been down, I’ve taken a break. Need to fulfill orders soon as my table is back up and running.

Not bad for a $17 project!


Seems the final picture was able to upload, enjoy!


Did you actually plan that sequence of words: Too funny!!! :rofl: :joy:


I’m on my, now going on 3rd, moscow mule for the night :rofl:

Here’s the 1st one from earlier

All kidding aside: very nice design. The detail is certainly something to be proud of.

I grew up in Alaska. Actually took ground school in high school as I always wanted to be a pilot.

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Oh I’d love to be a pilot, but the sims are ‘good enough’ for me.

Close friend wishes nothing more than to be one as well; I did my time in the corps I’m good lol

Some flight action -


@Kwikfab what a great project build!

Thank for share to us.


Your project reminded me that I used to use FS. Then last night I dug out the relics of that time:

Don’t know why you don’t have that “Fli…98” version. As you can see it plainly states on the cover “As Real As It Gets”. How could the current version be any better :grinning:

BTW, I still have the PC I played it on. Use it in the garage to track vehicle maintenance. I’ll add a ppic later.


Running Windows 3.11? :rofl:


Now you’re just trying to be hurtful! WIndows 98 of course :grin:

My anal retentive self still has the original

order spec sheet filed away. Purchased Feb 99:


That’s the exact Sidewinder I had over 20 years ago!

I even kept it to play Mechwarrior with.


Those are some nice welds! I do everything to hide mine and even started designing in sheet metal so I can just bend stuff. Very cool project.


@DonP you and me both.

@Kwikfab sets the bar pretty high over on a welding thread I follow on another site.


You will not likely find me on that site. I am too busy on the “Weld-then-Prepare-to-grind” site.

…but, I will say that I have improved a bit with peer pressure and my new welder.


@ChelanJim I am a card-carrying member of the grinder club. :rofl:

Tell me more about this welder that has improved your welding. I have to be very selective on the angle I use to photo document projects I am working on. :rofl:


Y’all are funny :rofl:


Well, @72Pony “your results may vary” but here is the situation:

  1. I have an old Century welder (circa 1988 vintage), supposedly, 180A 110/220 v. I have tried shielding gas with varying results since I need to weld outside and there can be some significant breeze. I switched to flux core a long time ago (Eric, you would have been little back then :laughing:) but the welder has always been set up for 110 volts. I keep burning out the rheostat that controls the amperage and it needs to be replaced for a third time but I haven’t: so I just keep it on max and you can tell that portion of the rheostat is now failing.

  2. I decided I wanted to try something with a little more umpf. Now you ‘real’ welders out there have already spotted about ten things that I have done wrong but I am ignoring you all right now.

  3. The welder I wanted was in the range of $1500 to $2000. Well I decided to go for a cheap, dedicated 220 v YESWELDER for a lot cheaper:

  4. I swapped out the ground cable and torch for upgraded lengths. So far I am very happy with it.

Sorry @Kwikfab, don’t mean to hi-jack your thread. Back to your elegant creation to help with your endeavor to satisfy your urge for speed: Flight simulation. Next you need to get the hydraulic activated chair seat that gives the impression of multiple G’s: Gee-golly, gee-whiz and gee-many crickets!


Very nice design!


No one builds a stil stand like that and just plays FS with it. Tell me you DCS as well? Please.

If not… get DCS and VR. it will knock your socks off.

I own DCS, but don’t play it. Never have.

I own an Oculus Rift, had it since it first came out (played Dreadhalls and all that) but it just sits in the closet lol

I’ve owned MSFS2020 for about a year but never played it until just a month ago with my new stick and throttle. Hell I didn’t even know if I’d like it but the controllers feel like quality…considering buying a Virpil WarBRD base with Alpha stick now.

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