Small holes and Slots and Tool Clearances

I been reading about cutting small holes under .25 in. Appears the Crosspoint Tool downloaded from site has a Nozzle Clearance of .25 and cutting width of .055 in. When I attempt to generate tool paths with holes and slots of 0.1 in they are ignored. Although kerf is .055. I can just decrease the Nozzle Clearance to 0.1 in? Since cutting on flat sheet metal not sure Nozzle Clearance is important.

Also is there a way to cut along a line? I seem to be able to cut slot(if large enough), but lines don’t come up selectable when creating tool paths. I am trying to us the torch cutout as the slot and do not need the slot to circle around, just a single torched out line. Or is this too much to ask for Plasma Cutting?


If you are using Fusion 360, try turning off the lead in/out, and set the pierce clearance to 0. Also make sure tool comp is set to computer.

If you want to cut on a line, under passes set the sideways comp to center, comp type computer. Again turn off the leads, pierce clearance 0.

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