Sketchs defining

Is there a button to fully define a sketch like solidworks ?

Sorry to bring this up again. So o needed a wrench this morning. It’s a gooseneck affair with one size on each end that will fit what it has to. The geometry in the sketch is all fit splines. So do I have to manually put 2 Dimensions from the origin on each control point to fully define this sketch?

Do you have a screen shot of what you are having trouble with?

This is not really stopping me from working its just if the sketches aren’t fully defined and constrained things can move unexpectedly. I just had a sketch with a lot of splines and each had a lot of control points tobget the shape I wanted. for example on one set of curves it had to have 8 pairs of dimensions from the origin to fully define it, multiply that by the number of splines and I end up spending too much time on it. In solidworks this is a single button click to define hundreds of points. I believed their must be an equivalent in fusion.