Sketch checker where did it go? [SOLVED]

Hi guys I recently replaced my computer and had to reload fusion 360 back in but my sketch checker app is not there anymore, and I can’t find it in the app store. Is it not available or has it changed to something else? can somebody send me a link or info on where to find it?

Should be in your Add Ins file from top menu.
Probably have to hit the Run icon when you find it.

Thanks I just looked back in the fusion apps and did see it there

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ive been trying to find the sketch checker app add in but cant find it in the fusion 360 store . when i do a search for it says it doesnt exist. has anyone downloaded it lately?


Hi Paul… It’s still available @ it’s original GitHUB location here ---->

Download the bundle… Unzip it… and install with all of your other Fusion Add-on’s…


Not an avid Fusion user here but, I just did it for funzies and seems to work… It’s very old and I’m not sure if it breaks anything else in the process but, give it a shot if you like…

Even added it to my toolbar…



Thanks I’ll check it out tomorrow when back in my shop

There is also:
Fill Gaps in Sketch

This can be found in the Autodesk App store


Fill gap is best purchase ever!