Single phase plasma cutter - Australia

Hi all. Looking for something to use with the Crossfire. For any Aussie users, is the razorweld 45 you can buy from Langmuir as part of a package the same as the UNIMIg razorweld we can buy here in Australia?

If so, I assume the wiring loom for torch control from Langmuir would fit the UNIMIg plasma cutter?? Or is this easy enough to do yourself? Won’t need to use THC.

As an aside - has anyone reading this thread (preferably in Australia) hooked up a Hypertherm xp45 to a crossfire? If so did you use the loom from Langmuir or do it yourself?

Thanks in advance.

The Razorweld and the Unimig are the same power units, but the one in Australia uses a different torch.

The Hypertherm 45XP with CNC port and machine torch will be the best way to go. Less trouble hooking it up.

Thanks for your reply. I thought the razorweld and just tapping into the trigger switch wires would be very easy (no thc).

The other problem is the hyperthem is about $2k more expensive, plus another $1k for the machine torch. Is this the setup you are running?