Simple lake map on wood

I’ve seen these before and wanted to try and make one for our local lake in town. My buddy owns the marina so I’m giving it to him to hang there.



Looks great!!!

How were you able to make the exact cut shape… I’ve been looking to do something like that too but can figure out how to get it in fusion

There are prob several ways and I would have rather done the design in Adobe illustrator first but didnt have it on the laptop I was using so the easiest for me using fusion I found was to import the image and then just use the point tool to create a spline which you can manipulate easy enough to get the shape outlined. I can get some screenshots if you want but not till later.

Or use Inkscape (free) and do a bitmap trace. You can save as either a DXF or SVG and insert it into your Fusion project.

That would be awesome if you could thank you.

Was there any luck with getting screenshots?

Yes. This is what I have been doing and saving it as a SVG file has been working for me. You want something with dark lines and an obvious contrast.

Edit. I just did a print screen from Google maps and tried to trace a local lake here and it did not work. The lines around the lake are too fine

Check out the link below. This is a step by step guide to turning a jpg into an svg/dxf.

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