Simple Circuit for a Dry Run Mode

I found it frustrating to have to keep turning the entire plasma cutter off every time I wanted to test a profile before committing to a cut. This is a super-simple circuit that I added to my Crossfire to give me a convenient Dry Run Mode. I placed the switch and indicator light right above the plasma head so that I can watch closely while the program runs, and have a nearby visual indication of when the torch would be firing (the LED lights up whenever the torch is on when in Dry Run mode).

The simple schematic is included below. I used a 24V DC power supply for my setup because I already had one in-use for my water table pump control. You can use other voltages, as long as the relay, indicator, and power supply are all the same voltage.


nice work…I am glad I have FireControl…it has that built in…

Yeah, I’m guessing this will be a short-lived setup for me, since I understand that FireControl becomes standard if I order the THC upgrade kit. It was simple enough, it’s worth it while I wait (and maybe it’ll be useful to someone not planning to upgrade).

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