Simple chart for perfect cut on 11 gauge, 14 and 16 mild steel Razorcut30i?

new to plasma cutting I’ve looking at the form but not able to find a simple chart for perfect cut on 11 gauge, 14 and 16 mild steel (I’m getting a lot of dross) someone here probably dialed everything perfectly pls share with us

-Razorcut30i with 0.8 tip (or any suggestion)
-Langmuir Systems
-Fusion 360

What parameters need on what number to get the perfect cut

Razor: amp ? / air psi
Lagugmuir : speed , z hight
Fusion: setup for nozzel , lead in out? , pierce delay, IPM (or you set up IPM on mach3 ?)

looking for a clean chart with these machines or let put together one so new people can start cutting clean :slight_smile:


Hey @langmuirsystems do you guys have this kind of information, cheat sheet if not why don’t we put together one ?

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We’re putting one together for the RW45 but the settings for anything 30A or under should be the same. Here’s the post that’s got the link to the latest version.

When you cut materials not on the sheet, please drop a note and I’ll update the sheet for everyone.

I also have a Razorcut30 with .8 tip, I have been running 14 gauge at 80 IPM at 28ish amps and has been minimal dross, I use a wire wheel on my grinder for everything and just flakes off.
As for air i run at 70psi while cutting(drops from static just slightly) w/ .055 lead in and out at 90 degree’s if theres space. Also I’ve been using a .3 sec pierce delay, all set up in fusion.

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I put a a 30i cut chart together. Search forum for “cut chart” and enter your information in the submission form and it will add it to the list