Simadre Cut50L Compatability

Years ago I purchased a Simadre Cut50L for a hand torch machine. It has the SG55 torch. I don’t see this machine available today on the Simadre website.

Can I just buy an IPT-60 blowback torch and retrofit my plasma to work with the Crossfire Pro?
The Cut50L was supposed to be a low frequency machine, hence the letter L in the model number.

I would like to include George @mechanic416 to chirp in here…he is the resident expert in plasma machines

No you can not use a ipt60 blowback torch on a high frequency plasma cutter.

This one is high frequency? When I bought it the ebay ad said the CUT50L model was low frequency. The L standing for low. Is that not true?

I researched this model number some.

Apparently they are selling it as a low frequency start?

Here’s an Amazon listing

Sun gold power cut-50l
Rebranded version

Dr flo YouTube video on the cut-50l

And Dr flo is running his plasma table with this machine

Is this what yours looks like? maybe a different color.
I’m interested to see how this is going to play out.

Mine looks just like that. However I decided not to risk it after George chimed in. I bought an Everlast PowerPlasma 52i. They said the expected ship date was 8-5-21. It was one of the only machines I could find in this economy.
My Crossfire Pro ships in August.

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you will not be disappointed with the Everlast…just remember to get your RAW voltage if you have THC is to wire your voltage readings right from the lugs inside the plasma at the front.
you can search my name or Everlast RAW voltage and there are pictures of this.

A SG55/AG60 torch is a high frequency torch. If you try and hook up a IPT torch you will burn it up. Ask me how I know this. There are a few plasma cutters out there that use the Trafimet S45 and SL60 torch and fire it using high frequency, but it has to be timed just right or you melt the torch head. I have one here at the shop.

You are a lot better of with the Everlast.


It makes me think the CUT50L model is hit or miss on the specifications because mine has the HF torch but the one in the pictures above has an IPT torch and specifically says “Non-HF blowback start, there is no HF interference”

So, George. The big question I have now is what happens if I hand cut with my High Frequency Plasma to get a sheet cut down that will fit on my table? I will have the Everlast hooked to the Plasma table and the CUT50 will be on a separate bench plugged into an outlet fed from a circuit breaker right below the one the plasma table is using. Am I going to want to power down the plasma table and turn off the breaker for it every time I do some hand cutting at the bench with the CUT50? Or does it even matter if it is happening at a separate bench 5ft away?

thanks, Toolboy, found the pictures and the book of history surrounding the infamous CNC port.

George will correct me if I am wrong…you do not have to worry about the HF torch cuttting in the same room…the issue is when you hook up a HF torch to the table the electronics that run the torch on/off and motor control do not like the HF harmonics that travel between the torch and the material clamp…that is what fries the PC…

if you are working on another bench hand cutting…your table can be cutting away using the other torch without issue.


You will be fine cutting with it by hand. It won’t or shouldn’t affect anything unless you or someone close by have a pace maker