Shout out to DnKFab and Langmuir

We needed to cut 3/8 4 x 8 sheets for some rusted steel art pieces. Priced waterjet and thought ouch. We purchased the XR Crossfire. Assembled it. Racked our Brains a bit and called Dylan Hinesly with DnKFab.

Hired him as a consultant and for a very reasonable price he had us up and running in hours. In fact we went through 14 sheets of 4 x 8 x 3/8 Steel in one day and produced 11 sculptures (some 5’ tall x 8’ long)

I think he may know more about these machines than the people at Langmuir. I highly recommend him if you need help. He is worth far more than he charged. Truncated our learning curve to a day.

Cut Like Buddah!


We love pictures! There is a project section to show off in.

there is a herd of Bison the largest is 5’ tall and 8’ long. Seriously can’t thank Dylan enough.


@ottograham36 Bryan, thank you so much for the kind words!! Those came out really really cool! I have been dying to see them installed! Congratulations on completing a really cool project!!!


Langmuir would do well putting you on the payroll and letting you hit the field installing this machines!