Shorty (Jon) here, from TableSyrup

I own and operate Table Syrup Productions out of Minnesota, along with a couple buddys that are also on board.

Sound and Lights is basically my life. Mostly. Now that my daughter is out on her own… There’s been screen printing apparel, and boats and trucks and vans and trailers and box trucks and bobcats and campers and barndominium stuff, and such, that all happen too… I’ll hobby damn near anything mechanical/electrical/fab…

short story long…
As soon as my adjoined 2400sf shop 1800sf Barndominium is mostly wrapped up I’m getting my own 4x8 plasma and 4x8 router… along with setting up for powdercoat and anodizing. I suppose a 50w+ laser or so, or a couple different ones (think etching finishes off for labeling, and cutting really thin stainless for lighting gobos)… tubing bender, press and finger brake, sheet metal brake… etc…

I can design and fab… so it’s gonna be on. In the meantime, I’m using my buddys stuff cause now he’s basically doing the same thing I’ve been talkin about for years… (NOT IN ANY WAY TO SELL HIM SHORT, dude gets into this stuff harrrrrrrd. He’ll maybe get on here some day. Some of ya might know of him. Paul, at MakeCNC)

So AAAAAAnywho… Here’s what he’s got over there
Crossfire Pro that we JUST got makin a part end of this past week.
4x8 Shopbot that’s getting hotrodded… this week we’re designing and cutting brackets for new motors and Z setup and gear stuff and EVERYHTING…
He’s got a 50w laser… a couple other lasers i know nothing about. One could fit 4 of me inside the housing/frame
Gonna be doing A LOT of fab once we get all this stuff fired up and dialed in.

Gonna be nuts… his place… and mine… once we’re both fully up and rockin? gonna be FabFest 4000 over here

here’s a couple things that have been happenin


What I seem to be sensing here is you’ve found a job that is fun! :grinning:

Congratulations, most of us never achieve that in life.

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What do you call that radio cable thing?

@Wsidr1 , Work for Yourself …and you’ll work long days every day of your life?
I love it.

@brownfox , it never existed… but, I call it the Cable Stretcher lol

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@brownfox Doing sound and lights, I use radios A LOT… and I’m a tall drink of water at 6’7"… the cables on these shoulder mics aren’t tall man rated, so I’m always stretching on cables… all… the… time… a good ole 30 second stretch and massage will last a worn in cable a good couple hours… then it’s back to pulling on me again.

They make holsters and vests and whatnot… I hate the things… I’ve tried a few and just can’t do it… they aren’t comfortable, and during the summer, it’s hot enough already.

I have one radio in MY kits of radios that has a long cable. That’s mine. It’s a custom job. But when I’m using someone else’s radios, ALL THE TIME, then I needed a solution…

Came up with this , and it works amazing. Non destructive. Sturdy enough to just throw in a backpack or pocket and not worry about it getting messed up - printed from TPU…

I made a mold in Fusion… just haven’t printed it yet… The thought is to make them out of silicone… just faster and ‘easier’ than printing them… I’ve had a lot of people ask for them… and I sold a whopping 13 of them… lol… but, I want to make up a few hundred … I have some ideas on where and how to market and sell them.


I’m very interested in this process. I’ve been doing some research over the last while. You do end up doing it could you document some of it and post it under the 3D printing topic?

The light and sound business seems like a rewarding job. I took a restricted electrical ticket so I could pull the electrical permits and do the electrical for refrigeration work here in Canada. For part of the course the sound and light guys also attended part of the course to get there restricted ticket in entertainment electrical.

There was a traveling fair in our town on Sunday and I was definitely looking at all their distribution boxes after our conversation on the Forum over the weekend.

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Nice… event power is sort of fun to me… I like playing with electrickery… scares most people… but… I’m comfortable with it…

You on Facebook? I stumbled across a page where these guys are killing it… making fishing lures… 3D printed molds… I learned a lot from there… but, yeah, when I finally get around to doing it, I’ll post up… Redirecting...


No Facebook.

Me too. I sure like when it’s working for me.