Shop Vac Recommendations

My 1989 Craftsman shop vac fried a bearing and turned into a tornado meets a volcano, so I’m in the market.
Who else misses going into Sears and walking down the isles? I don’t think the new Lowe’s Craftsman shop vacs will last like my old one. What do you recommend?

sorry to hear of your loss…it sucks!!!..


I bought a Fein Turbo I ( this summer because I needed something to run while my CNC router was carving for 10-15 hours. I wanted something quiet and reliable. This MORE than meets my hopes, dreams, expectations :wink:
I can actually carry on a conversation or listen to music while it’s running! Not so much if the CNC router is running though. In fact, the vac is so quiet the first couple of times I used the auto-on feature (turns on when the router motor draws power) I had to walk up to it to put my hand next to it to feel that it was exhausting air…
I highly recommend it and, to quote our buddy in Ottawa, it does, truly suck!

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I thought I might "Fein t "…when I looked at the price…but I do know they are great machines…

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Some of the reincarnated Shop Vac brand are in that price range. I’m looking for a vacuum out the truck and suck up stuff off the floor type machine.

I didn’t think I’d ever buy one, but, in this case, running as long as it did, I absolutely needed reliable and quiet. It’s actually less expensive than similarly sound rated vacs and, when I bought it, I had purchased a different brand (Makita) that literally sucked - sound was awful and it didn’t have anywhere near the suction.that this one has and it was almost twice the price.

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we had portable Makita vacs at work…the guys pitched them they were so bad.
I have friends (not lying about that) who have similar Fein vacuums…they all love them.
the power tools are well made…

Really!? Huh… :man_shrugging:
I do know you have at least one friend in NC, USA…

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Make that two, one in Tennessee…