Shipping to Alaska?

Greetings! I am interested in purchasing the ArcFlat Welding table. Langmuir doesn’t ship to Alaska. They directed me to reach out on this forum to ask if anyone has suggestions for freight forwarders.
Thank you!

Hopefully someone comes along with experience with freight into Alaska. I know it can be pricey from the talk I’ve heard from other forums. Short of someone having a suggestion I would try to find your local freight terminals and work backwards.

If you don’t mind asking where are you located? I’d love to make it that far NW some day.

Hi Michael, Appreciate your fast response. Excellent idea and had hopes that someone had good luck with a particular shipper. I had requested quotes from local freight forwarders last year on a different item and was amazed at the price differences.
We’re here in Anchorage.

Try to catch Sig Hanson before he leaves Seattle to head to Alaska maybe he will throw it on crab boat for you. Never mind already crabbing, hahahah. You would probably be better off and to drive down to lower 48 and pick up from a shipping forwarder ?

Driving from Anchorage to the Bellingham Washington in the lower 48 would be pretty close to the same as driving from Chicago to Bellingham. By the time you figure in fuel stops, food and bathroom breaks you’d be close to a 2 day drive without sleeping.

I moved back to Texas from Alaska 2 years ago. While I was there, I used Estes once and the other one that does a lot of freight up there with the green trucks. It was pretty simple, but not cheap. I used u-ship a few times as well. These were situations where I shipped items I couldn’t source locally. I’d compare what you can find locally to the price of having something shipped to Alaska.

Get an account set up with Carlile Transportation under their “my connect” system. There’s an estimating tool you can use to get approx cost from seattle to your town. You will then purchase and ship to their terminal at the dock and they will forward your items to you in Alaska. I know many people that use this and it’s decent pricing and fairly quick service. There are other services but none of them are easy like this.