SheetCam to Firecontrol

Just got my Pro up and running and every time I try to load a program into FIrecontrol is says “no program speed found”. Not really sure what step in sheet cam I am missing.

Any advice would be great.

I don’t have Firecontrol, but I know a bit about Sheetcam. I think you’ll help us help you if you upload the program that’s failing and also tell us or take some screen shots of your Sheetcam settings.

Specifically, with the question you’ve asked, the likely areas of failure are:
Post Processor selection (under Options->Machine->Post Processor, what did you choose?
Operation Settings (Select operation, right click, edit Operation), what are Contour Method, Layer, and Tool?
Click on the ‘…’ button next to Tool and tell us what ‘Type’, kerf width, feed rate, pierce delay (for starters).


For someone without FireControl it looks like you’ve nailed it.

My bet is on the Post-processor selection.

Does that mean I get an ‘honorary’ copy of it (along with the requisite machine since it won’t run without the machine)? :smiley:

You can download it. Won’t fire up without the machine though :grin:

Thank you guys for the response. That post was from an all night Pro build binge. I was so dam excited but absolutely exhausted. I had no idea what was going on at the point of post.

I figured it out. It was the post processor.

Really cool to see fast response from individuals. Really nice community on here.


So did you get it going I am getting read to build my machine I received the last shipping container on Friday. It appears to me that I cannot set up a job in SheetCam correctly without having FireCcontrol loaded in the Post Processor?

Is that correct??

Thanks for replies

Correct. Sheetcam will use the FireControl post-processor to make sure the output G-Code will be correct for the Crossfire Pro.

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Thank you for your quick reply

Looking for some help on this as well, I just ordered my table a few days ago so im spending my time getting everything in order, im currently in Sheetcam. And I do not see a post processor option for firecontrol. Can anyone give me a quick run through on getting the firecontrol post into Sheetcam? EDIT: im currently on the free version if that makes a difference as to why my post isnt available.

You need to download the post from Langmuir’s website. Under the downloads section.

go here and under support, downloads…grab the pdf as well



Thank you for the quick reply, all set. Much appreciated!

I am having same problem. Firecontrol says no feed rate at step 17. Some info: “Firecontrol 20.6” appears at top left of screen, so I think this is the version I have.

I have the post processor Firecontrol v1.6 loaded per the LS website:
Here are settings:

Same DXF file appears to work well in sheetcam simulation. I have burned several files from Fusion360 on my Crossfire. These all appear to work OK. Only problem is with sheetcam. Any help is greatly appreciated. JoeO

The only thing I see is that, in the Post Processor panel, you should have use Top of work as Z Zero, not top of table.

That fixed it I am so thankful for the help.
Regards, JoeO