SheetCam stopped creating tool paths

Have not used table since April. SheetCam was functioning perfect. Attempted to create a pair of plates I created in TurboCAD 2020 and saved as a DXF (Have used TC for ever). Imported in to SheetCam and it creates N commands but nothing as far as tool paths or commands. Using the same laptop and programs and checked the drawings for issues and found none I am stumped and in need of some direction on working the problem.

When you say it won’t create tool paths, do you mean it doesn’t show any path on the screen after you create the jet cutting operation? Or is it that the code generated after you post process is not correct? Are you using the correct post processor for whatever control system your table uses? Firecontrol or Mach 3?

It does not generate code (no M commands at all) so there are no tool paths shown. It was set up per the Langmuir instructions with the the Mach 3 Plasma. Ran several dozen different part designs since start up in mid 2020 with no issues. Now after several months of none use the issue appeared.

You’ve got the cart before the horse here. What do you see in SheetCam when you load your design? BEFORE you try to generate code. Do you see layers that can produce toolpaths? ie, do you see red outside lines and yellow inside lines?

A screenshot would be useful or, better yet, your SheetCam job file.

DXF loads and I get the normal red line/yellow lines. I always single layer (0) 2D design drawings for plasma jobs. I am traveling this week so won’t be near my shop laptop until early next. Appreciate your help.