Sheetcam software

I’m considering buying the SheetCAM software. I’ve been frustrated with fusion 360, lately it’s been stopping at around 90% when trying to generate a toolpath.
For those who’ve used both, will it take the place of Fusion or does it work in conjunction with it? Which is better to use with the crossfire?
Thank you

You are not alone…lots of folks seem to have good experience with Sheetcam, myself included.
Sheetcam only replaces the “Manufacturing” part of what F360 does. You take your design from any other program (like F360, Inkscape, Illustrator, etc)…and import the drawing to SheetCam to generate the paths and G-Code you need to cut on the table. I’m not sure it’s a matter of ‘better’ - but I’ve found Sheetcam to be very flexible and I think a little easier than F360, but F360 is not bad either IMHO. Note that Langmuir is coming out with a product called FireCam pretty soon that I think will compete with Sheetcam’s functionality - so might want to hold off buying until you can look at that as well - might fit the bill.

Sheetcam has a demo - I used the demo for about 3-4 weeks while I figured out how it worked before I bought it. Watched alot of YouTube vids on it to learn the features. Once it ‘clicked’ I purchased it. I’m going to be checking out FireCam as well.

Hope that helps - good luck!

After I wrote this - I found an email from LS that says they are selling Sheetcam thru their store for 10% off. So that makes getting Sheetcam a little easier.

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Thank you James
I think I’ll give SheetCAM a try with that 10% promo from LS… too frustrated with 360 atm. I would like to wait for FireCam but I need to get some projects completed, wasted too much time messing with 360.

Just bought my copy from Langmuir…

Be sure to buy SheetCam from Langmuir, they’re offering a good discount on it!

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I bought a copy from them at the discount.

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Just tried the SHEET10 code, following the email link they sent me, and it must have expired… full price here… :thinking: