Sheetcam scaling

Sheetcam scaling.

I’ve never had an issue before.
Usually set to custom 22.779 to get it to scale right when I import dxf from sketchup.
Has been the spot on for months.

But lately everytime I import the size is different.
I’ll adjust the custom scale to make it right.
But then when I import the next file it’s off again.

If you’ve upgraded Sketchup recently they may have changed the DXF version that they export. When you export, check the Options in the Filename dialog. This will allow you to select which version (out of about 1000) you will export too.

Unfortunately for you, I don’t use Sketchup any more so I don’t know which is the correct version to use. You’ll have to experiment.


I didn’t know sketchup started supporting dxf. I haven’t touched it in several years though.

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I would say that the ‘support’ is weak, but you could export DXF in earlier versions as well. I always had to do fixups any time I used it (and had to relearn which was the right version to export).

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When i first started using it in 2014 it had option to export.

Either way its fixed now. Had pararell protection turned off. No more rescaling.


Ah, yeah! Good catch! And explains the odd scaling! Interesting that you got anything good out of it!