SheetCam Rules?

The torch retraction height is about 2 inches when I use sheetCam. When using Fusion 360, I have a place to set that height to 1 inch. Is there a way to do that with SheetCam? Is it something to make a rule for? if so what should I write? Thanks in advance, I am new to SheetCam and Plasma cutting.

If Sheetcam is setting a retract height of 2", you’re using the wrong post processor. The standard Firecontrol v1.6 sets the retract height at 1".

There is a version that was modified for Thermal Dynamics plasma cutters that has a 2" retract height. That post processor is named “Firecontrol v1.6 TD retract”. It also adds 2 seconds to the first pierce delay.

Thank you, that was exactly the answer, I have now assigned the right post processor, and am ready to do more cutting this afternoon.