SheetCam-Rules Setup

In operation–Rules–Small Circles–there is no entry to disable THC. Is this a SheetCam Program Setup Issue or any ideas?? Gary

There is no need to disable the THC. If you create a rule that slows down the speed below 85% of the program speed, Firecontrol will shut off the THC automatically. For example: if you create a rule that slows the speed to 60% for holes less than 1", the THC will be turned off by Firecontrol every time it cuts a hole smaller than 1", because the torch will be moving at less than 85% of the program speed.

The THC controls in Firecontrol allow you to specify the cutoff speed, but the default is 85% of program speed. A lot of the G-code issues that people have with these tables are from people trying to insert unnecessary commands into the code to turn off the THC. Firecontrol doesn’t recognize some of these commands and the program will not run.

If you would like to insert the commands anyway, you will have to create the “code snippets” to be inserted before and after the rule. The proper codes for the Langmuir tables is H1 for THC on and H0 for THC off.

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Thank you very much!! Gary

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