SheetCam post processor

which post processor is everyone using in SheetCam ?

mach 3 plasma is the post processor

There are a couple of posts here for custom Sheetcam post-processors you can use - they’re set to address Sheetcam working in seconds (internally even if you use milliseconds in the UI) while Mach 3 only deals with sub-seconds when expressed as milliseconds (bug in Mach 3 that treats half-second delays or pauses as 1 second).

If you use the Mach 3 Plasma with the Crossfire or Crossfire XL, use the one labeled “no Z” so you don’t have a bunch of height control stuff in the tap file that the Crossfire can’t use.


Do you know which post processor i need?
I have the crossfirepro with the THC and plasma ;razorweld cut 45.

Also do i need to download both
the fusion 360 post
The sheetcam post ?
And which one to choose

ok…big breath…
so Fusion360 is a design (CAD) and post processing(CAM) software that Langmuir supports with a post processor file…
Sheetcam 95% just a post processor (CAM) that takes design files and converts then to g-code in TAP files.

so the first question is what are you using for design when you plan to make signs or parts?

if you decide Fusion360…then you use Fusion for everything and keep it simple and download the Fusion CAM and load it into Fusion as per the instructions

if you are designing in something like Inkscape…freecad…or one of the other design softwares…then you will need to purchase Sheetcam install it and then get the CAM file from the langmuir site and add it to the Sheetcam software so you can post process there.

I was a complete need ( still am a bit)…I went the direction of Inkscape (free) for most of my designs…and a little Autocad from past experianc for real technical parts.
once I am done my desings in either file format of DXF or SVG…I then import them to sheetcam…play with it in there for tool paths…cutting speed…etc…

Then with the file TAP from sheetcam I import that to Firecontrol and start cutting.

does that make sense

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To summarize @toolboy 's thorough answer, what design tool are you planning to use? THAT determines what post processor you need.

Welcome to the forum, by the way, where you will find answers to every question. :wink:

If you’ve already purchased Sheetcam, download and install the Sheetcam post-processor from Langmuir regardless of whether you’re using Fusion for design. Fusion’s Generate process has been an ongoing source of issues with users because of the computer power needed to successfully generate G-Code. It often gets to where you have to create multiple toolpaths just to get successful generation and it can take a fair amount of time. Sheetcam will generate those same toolpaths faster and with less computer power needed. There are a number of Fusion users who use Sheetcam for generation. In fact, I believe that’s how it got on Langmuir’s radar and their subsequent relationship with the developer of Sheetcam.

Great thanks guys I’ve found the problem and manage to go on my next road block :open_mouth:‍:dash::sob:

My plasma won’t fire from the crossfire …
My plasma is In 2T and I tried switch the cables from and still nothing… Apparently there’s alot of problems with the razorsweld 45 -.- I should have done more research before buying this…