Sheetcam moving individual parts in a DFX import

Hi everyone just bought sheetcam a couple of weeks ago and have been playing around in it(had a trial so had it about a month) and watching lots of videos. I have a DFX file of a firepit that I have imported into sheetcam. The way the DFX file is configured the drawing does not fit on a 4x8 sheet workspace. I can see that I could move some of these piece’s around to fit better(I dont believe it will fit on the entire sheet but the majority would without scaling it) however in nesting mode I can only move the entire drawing.

Is there a way to move individual parts around from the drawing, I can’t seem to find a way but I am pretty new to this.

I have attached the file here
palenisko_modern.dxf (517.1 KB)

You could manually nest that in sheet cam or you could try this free deep nest software.

Check the link above there’s a video and a link to the software.

Edit: I ran in through fusion360 s arrange function and ended up with this

Palenisko modern fit to 8x4.dxf (49.3 KB)


Select the “edit contours” tool (box with a red outline and a cursor in the lower right corner) from the toolbar. Right click on the part that you want to move and select “move to part” and “new part”. That will separate that piece from the rest of the DXF. The you can select the “nesting” tool and move that part wherever you want it. You will have to select “new part” for each part, unless you want to move a group of parts together.

If you want to move a group of parts, move each one to the same part and then move them as one.


What thickness of steel you planning on using for this firepit? Make sure you post pictures. Looks really cool!

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Thank you, I assume Sheetcam doesnt have this arrange function like 360? This arrange function is that available in the personal version of 360?

I will check out the nesting software.

Thank you!

11 gauge, I will post pictures when done. Is there a spot in the forum for pictures or just should I post them here in this thread?


This is just one of the topics where people post pics…


No it’s part of the subscription. So you’ll be stuck manually nesting to some degree depending on different apps or add-ons you’re using. is another option.

We had a little bit of a fire pit “contest” earlier this year.


Ok, thank you for the info. I see you posted the time for the live stream but I dont see a link and date.

If you want to manually nest in SheetCam you need to break the drawing up. A quick way to do that is right-click on your part in the ‘parts’ window and select ‘break up manually nested drawing’. As the name implies it breaks the drawing into individual parts so you can move them around independently.
I’d recommend setting up your cut operation(s) before breaking up the drawing. That saves you having to create a separate operation for each part.


Thank you !