Sheetcam license transfer?

I recently bought sheetcam and installed /w license and everything was good, I broke the laptop and have since bought another one. What do I need to do about the license I already purchased? I emailed but haven’t heard anything back yet?

Ps. This is my first post so if I’m not posting in the correct spot let me know. Thanks

They will reply to you. I got permission to just move my license to my new computer. May take a day, maybe.

Just copy it to the Sheetcam directory on your new machine. (Assuming you saved the email with the license file and can get it back from the email cloud.)

I don’t think that it works anymore because I just purchased a mini pc that I am dedicating it to my Pro table and tried doing that procedure this weekend and I got a message saying something like "The coin for this license has already been used ". The emailed license may still work for older licensees but I purchased mine just recently. I did do a search on my harddrive and found the license file and was able to copy it onto an SD card. I will try to install it that way when I get back home from out-of-state.

I think @Brownfox is correct, if you email SheetCam, they will be able to invalidate your old license and issue a new one. The problem is timing, they will need to do this manually and may not be able to do it right away, especially this time of year. In general, they are very responsive.

Well that sucks. When I got a new laptop for use in design I sent him a note asking about the license being per person or per machine. He said just go ahead and copy it to my second machine and I’d be fine. I keep a copy on the machine I design with in the house and one I use to drive the Crossfire in case I want to make a change without going back inside.

From the message, I wonder if he’s using some kind of blockchain data store to keep track of uses.