SheetCAM Lead in lead out issues


If this thread is not new, can anyone please link me to the right answer?

When I assign radius or tangent lead in and lead out, the program takes my setting and applies it the pieces I intend to keep. I can not find a setting that makes it apply arc lead in/out to the refuse pieces.

Anyone got the time to assist?

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Change the cut contour method in the operation setup box. If you were selecting inside offset, change it to outside offset or vice versa. The lead-in/lead-out direction is calculated as the waste side of the part automatically. If yours is turning out wrong, that’s because your offset is wrong.

In this part I’m doing both inside & outside offset cuts. The hole is an inside offset where the lead-in/out is inside the circle and thus on the discard side.

In this part of the project I’m doing an outside cut of the long straight sections. Since it’s outside the line, the lead-in/out is also on the outside which is the waste piece.

You can see from the green arcs at the starts where the lead-in/out is going to land.


Sheetcam automatically assigns Inside/Outside or No Offset to contours based on the drawing. When you import the drawing it should make Outside Offset lines Red, Inside offset lines Yellow and Open lines will be White for No Offset. If it is not selecting the correct offset, there is something wrong with your drawing. Probably open lines somewhere that should be closed.

Upload a screenshot of the drawing in Sheetcam.

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I learned that it’s also possible in SheetCam to manually assign features to self defined layers (such as Inside, Outside and On Center) and select the appropriate offset for each layer, thereby side stepping the “smart” features in the program and explicitly assigning the pierces to waste locations.

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