Sheetcam layer/color option

Is there a way to change from layer selection to line color? If so where?

I have been using line color to separate, inside/outside/no offset for 6 ,months.

So easy to click on say red and all red lines are whatever offset I want

Today tried to input a couple drawings and only option under operation is layer.

SO I can’t do what I want anymore

Did I accidently turn something off?

I suspect that you have forgotten what you did originally. SheetCam renders outside cuts in Red, Inside cuts in Yellow, and open cuts in White. Coloring Layers in Inkscape, for example, will create unique layers in SheetCam. So you will have a red layer, blue layer, color 0 layer (Black), and Lime (they don’t know what Green is in SheetCam land). But these don’t affect how the layers are displayed in SheetCam.

What they do, however, is give you a layer NAME that you can use in your operations…

Is it coming back to you now? :slightly_smiling_face:

Well I program in mastercam and process with sheetcam.

In mastercam I made my inside cuts 1 color, outside another, no offsets another. If I had a set of say holes near and edge I could make them a different color and change my lead in lengths angles etc. pertinent to a specific color, bigger holes could have different lead ins and lengths depending on how I grouped them by color.

Sheetcam would imort and seperate colours and then allow me to give “certain colours” certain/different rules, heck I even used different tools at times

I would have up to 5 or so colors depending on offsets and lead-ins etc. and the sheetcam menu would drop down with : colour 1, colour 2 colour 3 etc. spelled just the the folks over the pond do.

I could then pick whatever colors and apply the info I needed and I would have say 5 operations to cover everything. I chose what to cut by the order I put them in.

Ok, that’s what I was describing. So, if I re-read your note, the ‘red’ color you refer to

Are you referring to the layer ‘named’ red, or the layer that appears red in SheetCam rendering?

And, your problem is that when you’re now creating an Operation, the Layer dropdown is empty?

Does anything appear in your Layers window on the main SheetCam screen?

I found it, when you import it gives the option ( I don’t remember having to check it…but…Chemo brain never goes away) :joy:

use color in layer names wasn’t checked!!!

I know have all my options back!

I can have 10 different colors on my drawing and import and give them all their own operations, offsets etc

For jogging my mind :crazy_face:


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Wow! Good find!

Yeah, it’s a killer when somehow a ‘finger check’, as we call them in the Industry (where you accidentally hit a button or checkbox and don’t notice), causes the whole world to change. Maybe we need audible or visual feedback that we clicked something. Or…

Here’s an idea, for us old farts, we get something working and then we run it through a filter that records everything. Then, when we break it, we run it back through that filter in “You Dumb Sh_t” mode… so it tells you when you’ve done a ‘dumb sh_t’ move.

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Lol, I went back to a lost arc thread i did here and refixed it after swapping stuff around. So that does work :sweat_smile::rofl::joy:

Congratulations you are a survivor.!

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