Sheetcam isn't able to import or see file folders or dxf. drawings created in another software?

I typically draw 2d in and older version of bobcad, that being said I decided to create a folder in bobcad to put dxf. etc. files in for the plasma table. since I have CNC mills and lathes running I wanted to keep the plasma files separate. When I go to sheet cam it doesn’t even see the folder or the dxf drawings inside. I’m also using a new laptop with windows 10 for this table since it lacks a controller of its own. I also might add I’m no computer whiz especially on windows 10.

Thanks in advance

When you’re in SheetCam, to load a new DXF, SVG, etc, you go to File->Import drawing and it will open a File Explorer type window. If you look in the lower right hand area, you’ll see an option box to filetype. Oddly, they only include one file type in this choice, so, if you’re looking for a DXF and it’s looking for SVG, only SVGs will be shown. Select the filetype you want to load and then, select the folder containing the files.
SheetCam will remember the last folder you used.

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Hi, I understand that part and some and files are available, however the new folder that I put the plasma dxf drawings in doesn’t even show up in the list. Thinking it has something to do with the security system and the authorized users. not sure how to correct the problem though.

Sorry, I can’t help you there…

Thanks it has to be something to do with security or permissions.